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Entry #1

The Return

2013-01-28 05:45:38 by Megaphonic

Allo dear fans! it seems that after two long years away, I've found my way back to Newgrounds. This time with the intention of sharing everything I've worked on in my down time, and of course getting involved in a few new projects.

Now I do recall last year breaking my away-ness momentarily by auditioning for a voice acting role in "Monster Next Door" by Blakant... However, I lost the battle... And my HP gauge went well below 20%... But I won't stand for defeat, so... Stay tuned!

PS: My previous username is Eunosphere... In case anyone wants to check that out.


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2013-01-29 15:12:05

Welcome back! :)

Megaphonic responds:

Thanks Cyberdevil, I'll be sure to keep you in mind as my first commenter. Haha


2013-02-03 04:58:26

Thanks for the honor! :D