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Entry #2

Leaking Characters

2013-02-14 02:37:16 by Megaphonic

Hey everyone, I've been working on this video game/comic concept (off and on) for a little over a year now. Let's say the working title is Project Roomwave... Here's the deal. I've been wanting to increase the momentum of this project by getting others involved here on NG, but I'm unsure if I should worry about copyright issues this early on. Unfortunately, I currently don't have the finances to get my characters legally protected.

I've spoken to a few friends of mine on the issue, yet they all seem to think I should keep the details of Project Roomwave hidden from the public until it's brilliantly polished and I produce something worthy of legal safeguarding. Somehow though, I sense that I'm restricting the series from further development. And that-in turn, slows my inspiration. If any of you have experienced a similar sentiment with regards to leaking one of your most prized works, let me know how you dealt with it... I feel like an overprotective parent here.


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